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We're a fine food grocery with a focus on locally made goods and a keen eye on quality. Dine in, stop by, walk the shelves and discover your next food tradition. Want to hear more?
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We do supper too, but it's a secret


Southport Grocery offers unique and fresh catering services for corporations, groups, events and individuals. Find the service below that best fits your needs and then place your order today at (773) 665-0100. Want to rent our place for the evening? We do that too.
48 hours is required for catering orders.

Need it delivered?

We’ve got a simple rule of 10; cost is 10% of bill (minimum $10) and within 10 miles of the store.


Box Lunches

The perfect all-in-one meal…the sandwich or salad, cookie and potato chips or try the cheese, antipasto boxes…all you need to add is a beverage.   The same fresh, made from scratch items all in a box!


Online Catering

Appetizers by the dozen, pasta salads, sandwiches, salads, bake goods and more! Bring in your own platters and we do the rest. No worries if you don’t have platters…we can provide disposables.



Your cafe need a heap of scrumptious goodies? Have a cute little grocery store that features local items? We know what it’s like to have both – and are always ready to work with you on carrying the ‘just right’ baked-good to fit your space.


In our grocery, we always start our search locally. There has been a groundswell of artisan food-stuffs being created in the windy city – we love this. Supporting our local foodies, bridging the gap between them and their customers, bringing them in for tastings, all the while presenting their product on our blog, and/or Facebook & Twitter. We provide a space where customers can feel comfortable to window-shop, ask questions, and purveyors of great food items can connect with their audience. Stop in, peruse our shelves, we promise you’ll find something to take home with you.


Gift Baskets

For the holidays, for clients, bosses, friends, lovers, wives or husbands – we’ve got just about everyone and all times covered; we work to taste. Forget the tired basket of stuff they’ll likely never use, get them eatables, wine, and so much more Delivered, shipped, or local pickup.


Our Preserves

Sweet, savory, spicy, and everywhere in between we take great care on crafting the perfect, ideal preserves – holding a few Good Food Awards. Forget the imported blotchy winter grocery store fruits and let us save the best of what was available when it was grown locally. Welcome to year-round flavortown.


Other’s Goods

A small footprint doesn’t mean a small mindset – heavily rotated wines, pasta sauces, bitters, soup mixes, spices, chocolate sauce, spreads, drink mixes, beans, hot sauces and more in veritable cornucopia of choices. We do our homework on picking the best stuff.

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  • Mother’s Day Ideas
    • April 27th, 2016

    Whether it’s about life, school, or work, our moms are always our biggest cheerleaders. They bring us into the world and encourage us to make the most of the life...

    The Southport Ding Dong – foil wrapped nostalgia!
    • April 20th, 2016

    Ding Dong! (pretend that was a bell ringing!) This deliciously moist chocolate cake has a creamy marshmallow filling and is dipped in chocolate, resulting in a rich and yummy dessert...

    April’s Secret Supper in review
    • April 19th, 2016

    We had a blast at this month’s Secret Supper. Our chefs, Tanner and Bill, got super creative in the kitchen, cooking up all sorts of new and exciting dishes, including...

  • Simple & Crisp – the perfect fruity pairing
    • April 14th, 2016

    We love the simplicity of these artisanal dried fruit crackers. All the fruits are picked by sustainable growers at the height of ripeness to ensure great flavor and texture, as...

    Cookie Dough to go
    • April 11th, 2016

    For your convenience and delight, we have several options when it comes to desserts here at Southport Grocery & Cafe. You can of course enjoy a dessert in the cafe,...

    Staff Picks for Spring 2016
    • April 7th, 2016

    Our staff are all food lovers and they have daily interaction with the products on our shelves. We asked everyone what they’re enjoying most right now, to give you a...

  • The best mint jelly you’ll try!
    • March 24th, 2016

    It’s almost Easter and we all know what that means – family gatherings, lots of colorful candy and of course, roast lamb with mint jelly. This year, skip the neon...

    Southport Grocery Drizzle Pretzels – snack heaven!
    • March 23rd, 2016

    Introducing one of the most moreish things we create at Southport Grocery: the drizzle pretzel (and yes, moreish means they taste so good that you want to eat more) Our...

    Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee Bean Bags
    • March 21st, 2016

    Skip the long coffee shop lines and just make it yourself at home! This New Orleans style iced coffee concentrate has a bold, smooth flavor that will wake you right up...

  • Secret Supper – here’s what you’ve been missing!
    • March 17th, 2016

    After a few month’s hiatus, Secret Supper was back with a bang this month! Secret Supper is our version of the underground dinner – it’s our chance to break out...

    Beehive to Jar Honey – What’s all the buzz about?
    • March 14th, 2016

    East Troy Honey. It’s so sweet you can’t help but love it. You can eat it with just about anything – toast, oatmeal, as part of a salad dressing or...

    Galassi Pasta Sauces – family favorites in a jar
    • March 11th, 2016

    Don’t you just wish you could get a great tasting, home made style pasta sauce in a jar, rather than having to toil at the stove for an hour? Well...

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Drink up Art

Local work all bundled under our Drink Up Art Umbrella. Always available for a gander with your pancakes.

our staff


I grew up knowing from-scratch cooking is the key to making something truly delicious. I'm at Southport Grocery and Cafe everyday creating this food experience that is a part of many traditions - the in-town friend, family meals with our preserves, a couple's Sunday morning stop. We're a part of people's lives - whether they like to cook or like to eat. After a decade plus in financial services as a CPA and culinary school, my passion evolved into creating food traditions, supporting local farmers, and giving an audience to artisanal producers.


It's always been all about the condiments for me. After earning a culinary degree and years of fine dining experience, sauces and condiments are the most interesting aspects of a dish. Southport Grocery has given me the artistic freedom and room to grow, for which any lover of preserves would appreciate. I love that I can utilize the no waste, 'whole orange' training.

chef de cuisine

My love for food began with watching my parents make dinner when I was younger, who are both great home cooks. It developed into a real passion and career in the last few years. At Southport, I'm given the opportunity to be creative with modern and simple cuisine in a fun and passionate environment.

Retail Manager

It's just as much fun to work at Southport Grocery as it is to eat. We provide a really great energy and commitment to care that keeps customers coming back. And pancakes.

marketing manager

Food has always been a big part of my life - I've been cooking and baking since I was a tiny kid. Southport allows me to bring my love of food and marketing together. You can't beat those bread pudding pancakes, especially with a cup of lavender earl grey!

All Things Packaged

My passion for food started with cupcake decorating. The great thing about Southport is not only does the food taste great, but it looks beautiful as well. I get to decorate and package all things delicious. It's great to provide gift baskets filled with quality snacks, ingredients and treats. Keeping shelves full of local, seasonal and house-made foods is always fun. I want to buy everything, and you will, too.

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  • Address: 3552 N Southport, Chicago, IL
  • Phone: (773) 665-0100
  • Email: info [at] southportgrocery [com]