Secret Supper

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What is Secret Supper?

Secret Supper is our version of the underground dinner…it is our chance to break out of our breakfast-lunch mold & showcase seasonal ingredients for supper.

What is the ‘secret’ part?

We really have two secrets!

The first is the date, only recipients of our email newsletter, our fans on Facebook, and those that follow us on Twitter get word of the date/time of the next secret supper.

The second is the menu. Want to know what to expect? Directly below are details and far below are some of the past menus to give you a clue.

The Menu

Our kitchen and bakery staffs create, collect and develop recipe ideas each month: the result… a crescendo of seasonal culinary creativity. Because of this and special ordering we must stick to the Secret menu and substitutions can not be made. At times, Southport Grocery will hold dinners without red meat or shellfish, and even dinners that are vegetarian friendly – we’ll be sure to get the word out when those dates approach. Secret Supper is not about exclusion, on the contrary, it’s about bringing together flavor, ingredients, and people in new and interesting ways; we really want to allow our chefs and the food to shine.

Our 72 hour cancellation policy

Many of our ingredients are sourced & we commit to buying them from the farmers & vendors ahead of time; we also spend a lot of time preparing for dinner starting at the beginning of the week.

So with this kind of commitment we need you here to eat! In that same vein, we urge you to be present promptly at the stated time. Our dinners are finely orchestrated and tardiness affects all dinners and staff – please be on time.

What if I have an emergency and need to cancel or remove one or more persons less than 72 hours prior to Secret Supper?
First, we will miss you!

Unfortunately, just like a concert, your credit card will be charged the full amount for each person canceling, but you can always give your seats away to someone, or find replacements for seats and we’ll be happy to rock their socks off with the dinner.

Menus from Secret Suppers past:



Secret Supper February-16x9
watch hill & chelsea gem oysters with citrus chili mignonette

artisanal cheese with house made breads & preserves

denver steak with roasted sunchokes, root vegetables & a red wine pan sauce

sticky toffee pudding with purple door whiskey ice cream

featuring local turnip, rutabaga, carrot & cheese. And, purple door whiskey ice cream from the grocery.


sides from jan
a family style feast:

berkshire porchetta
house fermented sauerkraut
brown sugar – orange glazed carrots
braised kale
mushrooms in worcestershire sauce
house made pickled vegetables
apple arugula cranberry salad
brioche dinner rolls
baked beans
creamy grits
house made horseradish & honey dijon mustards
green strawberry salsa

meyer lemon mouse

Featuring local Berkshire pig & cabbage, Hazzard Free grits, Col Pabst Worcestershire sauce & our mustards & pickled items available from the grocery



ss nov14-v2
country duck pate with cranberry mustard & lavash
beets, kale, carrots, broccoli & black radish with preserved lemon dressing
hand-cut pasta with brussel sprouts, house cured bacon, thyme veloute & pea tendrils
cranberry buckle with almond butter & crème fraiche

featuring local cranberry, kale, leek, beet, carrot & black radish, & our spiced cranberry marmalade & preserved lemons from the grocery


SS July14-v2
peach, beet & watercress with a sour brie emulsion

wood grilled pork steak with grits, green beans & tart cherries

a pair of ice cream sandwiches


ss may14-v2
caramelized ramp tart with ramped-up potato soup

pork belly with asparagus & celery root salad & rhubarb mustard bbq

rhubarb goat cheese fool & aperitif

featuring local ramps, asparagus, celery root & rhubarb


SS march14-v2
chorizo scotch egg with pimento cheese, kale & pickled green mango

halibut, charred chinese leek, chicken-fried cauliflower & watercress verde

preserved lemon filled biscuit & earl grey tea cookies

featuring local farm eggs, & from the grocery, PQM pimento cheese, our preserved lemons & Rishi Earl Grey tea


SS Feb14-v2
purple mizuna, watercress, roasted sunchoke & cara cara cream cheese vinaigrette

parsnip-celery root-lobster bisque with blue potato pork hash

cranberry-harbanero glazed duck breast with heirloom carrots & pickled mushroom grits

bread pudding donut with smoked chocolate sauce

featuring local purple mizuna, watercress, sunchokes & carrots, & from the grocery our cranberry–habanero jelly & Hot Cakes Smoked Chocolate Chips



ss nov13-v2
green bean poutine tempura green beans, house made bacon & shitake gravy

amish chicken confit roasted brussel sprouts & cranberry mustard* spaetzle

spiced apple cake with pumpkin custard, apple butter* & salty whip cream

featuring local brussels sprouts & apples


SS Oct13-v2
celery root- parsnip – lobster bisque with pickled apple

root beer braised short ribs with sweet potato puree, mustard greens & kimchi onion rings

s’more cro-nut

featuring local celery root, parsnips, apples, sweet potatoes, mustard greens & beef


grilled squid – ramp gnocchi – turmeric & carrot nage

guinea hen ballotine – bacon scrapple – ramp jus

pistachio goat cheesecake

featuring local eggs & Zingerman’s goat cheese from the cafe
SS Mar13-v2
sour beer cheese soup – berkshire chorizo – daikon radish

crispy sweetbread taco – charred slaw

pastrami rye ravioli – glazed hakurei – russian espuma

chocolate stout cake – bourbon peanut pretzel – stout anglaise
Secret Supper Feb13-v2
charred octopus – forbidden rice – parsnip & wasabi puree

duck – black lentil – plantain – coconut – tamarind

poached pear – champagne sabayon – chocolate mousse



‘a walk in the woods’ salad
brussels sprout leaves, wild mushrooms, black walnuts, swiss chard with farro & apple gastrique

‘tongue & cheek’
butter poached halibut cheek, leeks & broccolini & cherry bomb braised beef tongue

apple-butterscotch upside down cake & cinnamon-clove ice cream

featuring brussell sprouts, mushrooms, swiss chard, apples, broccolini & cherry bomb peppers


secret supper aug12-v2
seared scallop with pickled peppers, fennel puree & smoked tomato

plum glazed spare ribs with seaweed, corn & wax beans

chicken chasseur with maple glazed carrots

cream puff with stone fruit

featuring local peppers, fennel, tomato, corn, wax beans, carrots, plums, nectarines & peaches


Secret Supper July 12-v2
chicken & waffles

blueberry braised short rib benedict

coffee & coffee cake

featuring local blueberries, peaches, corn & zucchini, & our beer shallot mustard from the grocery


secret supper june12-v2
crab brodo

genesis farms baby lettuce salad

fish n chips

strawberry monkey bread

featuring local strawberries, baby lettuce, scapes & peas


SS April 13-v2
egg yolk ravioli & spring salad

bouillabaisse with smoked lake trout gyozas & kimchi

braised deckle pierogis with roasted cauliflower & brown butter

red wine rhubarb hand pie with blue cheese crust

featuring local trout & rhubarb
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