Preserve Ideas

We have been saving the best for enjoying year-round – hunting down the best produce that the farmer’s market and our select local farmers produce and lock away amazing flavors of the season. We have a preservationist, make everything from tapenades to fruit butters to building our own culture for unparalleled fermented veggies.

Below is a collection of a few seasonal favorites with helpful ideas for the preserves we create – enjoy!

Jake’s Giard:

1. Use in unique side dish
2. Add to sliders or sloppy joes
3. Sprinkle on salad w/ cheese

Rhubarb Drink Starter

Rhubarb Drink Starter:

1. Make a spring-time cocktail
2. Easy-mode Italian soda
3. Punch up a smoothie

Apple Butter:

1. Add to gingerbread cookies
2. Top a ham sandwich
3. Mix into oatmeal

Dilly Beans:

1. Perfect bloody Mary garnish
2. Use in ‘greens’ salad
3. Chop and Add to tuna salad


Cocktail Cherries

1. Make a spring-time cocktail
2. Easy-mode Italian soda
3. Punch up a smoothie

Red Pepper Jelly:

1. Add heat to sandwiches
2. Mix into your tartar sauce
3. Add to cream cheese omelette

Smoked Onion Marmalade:

1. Serve over a hot dog
2. Slather inside a grilled cheese
3. Add to breakfast sandwich

Green Tomato Relish:

1. Perfect on sandwiches
2. Partner with goat cheese
3. Add to pasta salad


Spiced Cranberry Marmalade:

1. Brush on top of pie crust
2. Mull into a hot toddy
3. Dollop fresh cinnamon rolls

euro plum

European Plum

1. Put on toast
2. Add to slow cooked meats
3. Glaze your hams

Preserved Lemons:

1. Use to spruce up couscous
2. Bring freshness to pasta salad
3. Add to stuffing or Greek yogurt

pres-img size-full green strawberry salsa

Green Strawberry Salsa

1. Dip your chips
2. Braise your meats
3. Slather in fish tacos