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Know someone who is always cooking? Someone that debates with you without promoting that olive oil is unregulated, or that likes to judge an ice cream dependent on its percentage of air? How about someone who is just growing into their own as a home chef, discovering new flavors and seeking the finer ingredients in their kitchen? We’ll put together items that will show them how much you try to listen to their raving about food.

How about that uber-local-vore? With the small space, we have we carry a shockingly large array of locally made products. From the second city, there is a host of delights ranging from handmade candies and popcorn to spices. We’ll bring in what is best from around the area and pack it up tight into a pretty container (for shipping or picking up/delivery) just for you and your giftee. This is also the perfect gift idea for those folks who move out-of-town and need those little pieces of Chicago. Don’t let them forget their time in the ‘big-shouldered’ city, heck some folks in the suburbs forget!

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Or just need a whole bunch? Call (773-665-0100) or email Emily, tell us a bit about your giftee and we will get packing. We deliver locally, ship far-and-wide, or they/you can always pick up from the store!

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