Preserve Ideas

Since 2008, Southport Grocery and Cafe has been canning goods – hunting down the best produce that the farmer’s market and our select local farmers produce and lock away amazing flavors of the season. We were canning for sometime, and thought really “bringing it” would be a great way to showcase amazing locally grown foods, so it was in 2012 that we hired a preservationist, and grew our canning in new and exciting ways. From just a handful of different canned goods to making our own tapenades, more fruit butters than you could shake a stick at, and building our very own culture for unparalleled fermented veggies. We make our own giardiniera for both canning and for use in the cafe; spot all sorts of our canned goods on the menu, from the salsa verde on the chilaquiles, sauerkraut on the pastrami reuben, and on the pork confit our tasty butter pickles. Below is a collection of ideas on helpful ideas and unique takes on using the cornucopia of preserves we create.



Meyer Lemon Marmalade:
1. Add to muffin mix
2. Spread into cinnamon rolls
3. Mix with cream cheese

Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves:
1. Add sweetness to mimosas
2. Perfect inside puff pastry
3. Eat with a spoon

Blackberry Butter:
1. Swirl into cottage cheese
2. Coat BBQ ribs
3. Top off cheese cake

Pear Almond Conserve:
1. Bake into bite-size tarts
2. Add to charcuterie plate
3. Spread a thin in grilled cheese

Peach Preserves:
1. Spread on toast
2. Add to breakfast sandwich
3. Create Italian Soda

Cranberry Red Grape Sauce:
1. Slather on turkey sandwiches
2. Add to cream cheese bagel
3. Bake into breakfast bread

Strawberry Lemonade Starter:
1. Make a spring-time cocktail
2. Easy-mode Italian soda
3. Punch up a smoothie

Three Citrus Marmalade:
1. Brighten breakfast sandwich
2. Glaze chicken
3. Bake into chocolate cake

Blueberry Citrus Conserve:
1. Scoop a lump atop ice cream
2. Great with many cheeses
3. Layer in chocolate cake

Peaches in Syrup:
1. Mash/Mix into cottage cheese
2. Serve ontop of whitefish
3. Wrap in phyllo with brie

Raspberry Preserves:
1. Coat and warm brie
2. Mix with frosting
3. Dredge a chocolate cake

Spiced Cranberry Marmalade:
1. Brush on top of pie crust
2. Mull into a hot toddy
3. Dollop fresh cinnamon rolls

Vanilla Vinaigrette:
1. Drizzle over light salad
2. Toss with watermelon
3. Bake into mixed nuts

Strawberry Preserves:
1. Mix into vinegarette
2. Spread thick in PB&Js
3. Blend with frosting

Preserved Lemons:
1. Use to spruce up couscous
2. Bring freshness to pasta salad
3. Add to stuffing or Greek yogurt

Whole Strawberry Preserves:
1. Mix into oatmeal
2. Add to plain yogurt
3. Place in bite-size tarts

Blueberry Mustard:
1. Use on salmon
2. Dip for pretzels
3. Create a light vinaigrette

Apple Butter:
1. Add to gingerbread cookies
2. Top a ham sandwich
3. Mix into oatmeal

Blueberry-Raspberry Preserves:
1. Easily make perfect popovers
2. Bake onto thumb-print cookies
3. Add to pancake batter

Apricot Chutney:
1. Add to pulled grilled chicken
2. Dipping sauce for Samosas
3. Use in Phyllo-wrapped brie

Blueberry Preserves:
1. Add to maple syrup
2. Sweeten Chili
3. Add atop spreadable cheese

Pickled Strawberries:
1. Slice & add to turkey sandwich
2. Top off crostini and goat cheese
3. Add to spring salads

Sugar-Free Blueberry Preserves:
1. Heat and use atop pancakes
2. Sweet glaze for pork chops
3. Use in breakfast sandwich


Green Tomato Relish:
1. Perfect on sandwiches
2. Partner with goat cheese
3. Add to pasta salad

Tart Cherry Spread:
1. Punch up some chicken salad
2. Crostini with goat cheese
3. Great on a cheese plate

Tomato Tapanade:
1. Top toasted crostini
2. Heighten bloody marys
3. Add savory to any sandwich

Crushed Tomatoes:
1. Start a sauce right
2. Pour over a fish dish
3. Bloody Mary base

Smoked Onion Marmalade:
1. Serve over a hot dog
2. Slather inside a grilled cheese
3. Add to breakfast sandwich

Bread & Butter Pickles:
1. Add to ham & cheese sandwich
2. Munch straight from the jar
3. Add to bloody Mary

Beer Shallot Mustard:
1. Add mayo for dipping sauce
2. Mix into chocolate cookies
3. Use in making a salmon patty

Living Kraut:
1. Roll into cream cheese balls
2. Combine into meatballs
3. Use to stuff hot peppers

1. Mix into potato pancake
2. Add to soup for a kick
3. Top noodle dishes

Tomato Preserves:
1. Great on grilled cheese
2. Spread on a hotdog
3. Dip thick-cut roasted potatoes

Dilly Beans:
1. Perfect bloody Mary garnish
2. Use in ‘greens’ salad
3. Chop and Add to tuna salad

Dill Pickles:
1. Wrap in turkey for snack
2. Use in delicious beet salad
3. Batter, fry and indulge

Lemon Pickles:
1. Add to sauces/dips
2. Stack in roast beef sandwiches
3. Use with antipasto/charcuterie


Jake’s Giard:
1. Use in unique side dish
2. Add to sliders or sloppy joes
3. Sprinkle on salad w/ cheese

Red Pepper Jelly:
1. Add heat to sandwiches
2. Mix into your tartar sauce
3. Add to cream cheese omelette

Corn Relish:
1. Use as a chip-dip
2. Add a dollop to a burrito
3. Top smooth cheeses

Habanero Jelly:
1. Top a cream cheese smear
2. Add to garlic mashed potatoes
3. Spread inside grilled cheese

Salsa Verde:
1. Add to mac n’cheese
2. Use for braising
3. Add to eggs and omelets

Spicy Pickles:
1. Perfect in a bloody mary
2. Bread and deep fry
3. Munch till you cry