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July 2012 – Posting Thanks

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

We’ve been headed to the way-back machine to pull up posts to say ‘thanks’ to those we missed in months past. We’re trying to catch back up to current months, and hope those who mentioned us don’t think we ignored them. We hear ya! So let’s get to the great posts, away we go!

A lovely gent put up his art in our store, Riggo bragged about this on his site. You should check out his amazing metal sculptures, really quite beautiful.

Two sisters came into our place and snapped a load of truly gorgeous photos. Many thanks to Allison and Ashely, who have a hip and very pretty blog Zucchero & Butter.

Anne came into our place with a City Walk card in hand, and gave us some love, so we’re sending some back her way. thanks so much, and keep up the great blog!

Pure Wow mentioned us in their article about Heritage Bicycle Shop; very chic blog and lovely writing – thanks!

The Chicago Reader did a story about sweet tasty nuts, Mama’s Nuts to be exact. They also mentioned we carried them (which we still do with pride). Big ups for the shout out and giving these lovely nuts the credit in which they are due.

The minimalistic, photo rich blog Dinner Was Delicious gave us a holler in their “What’s Good In Chicago” post for that month. Big thanks go to them for calling out one of Chef Derrick’s favorite dishes: the brisket and gravy.

In a show of force on the awesomeness of Heritage Bicycles, the spotlight was once again splashed on us in a post from ‘It’s Me, KP’ on them. Kick’n rad blog with a very cute style – keep it up Kelly!

March 2013, Posting Thanks

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

In March, we got some tasty blog-love from some of our favorite online syndications. So without further ado, some lovely pieces of journalism for your reading pleasure.

Plan B, a spanish blog of one woman’s travels, posted a really nice article about our place. Super pretty blog, and very straightforward when mentioning her favorite places. We’ll be checking back on our next travels for sure.

From Daily Candy, East Troy Honey was picked out for their luscious flavor profiles and being a local all-natural apiary. They talk up the honey in the way it should be, heck, we are in love too. So, thanks Daily Candy for calling out some fantastic honey (and us).

Later in the month, we spotted something in our Twitter feed: a post by Matt – from Serious Eats. A glowing review of our digs, an article we keep in our desk to brighten our day, we are humbled by such a work. We are at a loss to say much more but we thanks Serious Eats and Matt for the piece and of course the fantastic prose they lay down just about everyday. Keep up the great work.

Popping up just before April landed, the chicagoist pushed a great article on places to go before/after a Cubs game. We think our pancakes and breakfast preps for a long day afternoon of cheering too, they like the cuban for lunch before an evening game and we can’t argue there. Great detective work Amy, and thanks for the love – here is some back at ya!

May 2012, Posting Thanks

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

We may be a bit behind on getting this up, but we wanted to make sure those who said such wonderful things about us got the shout-out they deserved.

Mason Johnson wrote on one of the CBS Chicago Best of List that our cupcakes are one of the best in the city. Super nice to say, happy to have made the list!

Serious Eats listed our Brie sandwich as one of the best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Chicago, a massive honor to bestow on one of our personal favorites – thanks guys!

Speaking of ‘greatest in Chicago;’ Daily Candy listed our seasonal sandwiches as one of the best in all of this great city.

Dose featured us in one of their posts about the great vendors at the market. Thanks, and we’ll be there next go round.

Zagat mentioned us in a post about truffletruffle’s new I <3 Chicago tins, in which we play a part. If you haven’t tried this collection, you don’t know what you are missing, it’s a collaboration truffle box unlike anything we had dreamed.

Many thanks to Molly and her beautiful blog A Foreign Land, her write up about us is super nice and great food photos to boot!

Another great blog Mindless Thinking (by Matt) is a great food blog like few we’ve seen. His post about our breakfast was great – and seemed to get exactly what we are aiming for. Good on ya Matt!

A SPG inspired bread pudding pancake, some pretty-self made socks, and a book is all peaknits needs on her mother’s day to make it great. We’re glad we could be apart of it – Happy Mother’s Day!

In her blog Chelsea Days, author Chelsea, takes time to reflect on her ‘passing up’ of our cupcakes twice during a cleanse. Thanks for the mention, and we hope you got to get a cupcake (or two) post-cleanse! :)

And as always: if we are missing a post let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

A thanks, from September

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Yeah, we’re a bit behind. But we thought we’d say thanks anyway, to those who wrote a bit about us. We try and catch all of you, but if we miss one don’t hesitate to let us know.

SoZealous sold her craft wares at the Renegade Craft Fair and has an order of “CRAZY DELICIOUS” Sweet and Savory French Toast on the Patio – who would have thought it was september?

After a half marathon Post Smith took in some sleep and then a breakfast by us; great going on the run and thanks for visiting the store!

Spreading the love, as always, Crazy Love, mentions us in her list of ‘hearting’ baked goods – we heart you right back.

Cityzenart takes a stroll down Southport Ave, and stops in for some grub. I think we speak for everyone saying thanks!

Alysse Dalssandro from Chicago Now takes a stay-cation on Southport Ave with a stop in to “dine in” with us.

For Park(ing) day, mindful metropolis,  strawville, and the chicago reader had mentioned our spot out front by moss design.

Thanks to everyone, and we’ll try and post these a bit earlier for October, maybe before Thanksgiving.