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GrownUp KidStuff Dairy Free Chocolate Sauce – Tastiness for all

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

We’ve got this thing, this… obsession with chocolate, and if you know anything about us – we love GrownUp KidStuff. Its so rich and just about perfect in every way. A chocolate sauce that we love to bring for a dessert side, bring to a holiday party, or just sneak a spoonful from the fridge.

But what if everyone wants to indulge? Why not those out there with a lactose aversion? Well, GrownUp KidStuff has brought the awesome to those had not had a chance to get down on a jar of their tasty chocolate sauce. This is just as good as their original: thick and rich, loads of chocolate but not overpowering, smooth and coating in the way you wish all chocolate was in some way. It’s amazing, simply stated.

Pick up a jar off our shelves and start into this always great chocolate sauce.

GrownUp KidStuff – Hot Chocolate Sauce to Warm You

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

We know what your thinking, hot chocolate sauce, so what. But look closer, this is hot sauce and chocolate sauce – not some kind of served hot chocolate sauce (though you could always server it that way). We’ve been fond of GrownUp KidStuff for quite sometime, so when we saw this ‘hot’ chocolate sauce we had to share it. It’s warming and chocolate rich but not forceful with the heat. This chocolate sauce also features the great tasting and super powerful Bigfat’s 808 hot sauce, a local hot sauce that a little goes a long way with, and we think this chocolate sauce carries the ‘just-right’ amount. The same delicious GrownUp KidStuff flavor we love with a dash of some warmth goes perfect on some vanilla ice cream, added into a latte for a real kick, or in a chili for the perfect amalgamation of flavors.

Pick up a jar of this great ‘stuff’ today on our shelves!

Grown Up Kids Stuff, chocolate sauce for adults

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

We’d like you to meet our favorite new chocolate sauce – Grown Up Kids Stuff. Simply put, it is the taste of our adolescence packaged into a glass jar.

Chocolate Sauce? But I like my regular kind…

This ‘Stuff’ is not only made in our great city of Chicago, but it is also made from simple ingredients. No melodexo-whatevers or high fructose somethings – like typical supermarket off-the-shelf brand chocolate sauces. Grown Up Kids Stuff has cream, sugar, butter, cocoa, molasses, salt, spices. Plain English. This is the perfectly-made sneak at 2am.

Who creates this coco yummy?

A wonderfully nice couple that has been making this sweetness for years – even their kids ate it!

I want to eat it now! But how?

The way to really taste this chocolate sauce, I mean really taste it, is to pull a spoon and dig deep into the long container – drawing a heap of this ‘Stuff.’ Now the art of eating chocolate sauce on a spoon is really up to the eater – drop the whole clump down the hatch, nibble bits of the thick chocolate, or nab a gob and let your mouth melt it out tasting the layers of flavors. Either way you eat it, you’ll first notice the chocolate – as obvious as this sounds – it is a thick rich chocolate that has you come back for more.  A hint of molasses and just enough sweetness, not grainy or waxy, but smooth well orchestrated sugar that lives with and not around the chocolate. You don’t have to let this goodie live only on your spoon – try it on your favorite ice cream, drop a dollop in your morning joe to give it a boost, or even heat a bunch for dippin’ in fresh fruit.

How can I buy it?

Here, on our shelves. Nervous we don’t have any? Don’t hesisate to give us a call at 773-665-0100.  You’ve got to get a spoon ready to dig in. Because, what is not to love about local thick chocolate sauce with real ingredients? Well, nothing really.