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We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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Southport Grocery and Cafe's Carrot Marmalade Fri, 03 Jul 2015 18:45:25 +0000 Our preservationist is like a lot like other artists, trying to twist and edge out a flavor profile that compliments, heightens, or changes the preserve. This came into play when a Bon Appetit article was stumbled upon years ago and got us thinking – how could we put our spin on Carrot Marmalade?

We use our Orange Marmalade as a base to launch into adding heaps of thin sliced carrot strands then add a splash of spices, and what comes out the other side is what our Preservationist calls carrot cake in a jar. Open a jar and it’s carrot-ness is immediately obvious, but upon tasting it’s a meandering of lemon, carrot, orange, grapefruit and splashes of floral perfectly layered and delicious. Our Carrot Marmalade is light with little nibbles of goodness, it’s spreadable and the perfect texture. It’s light bitterness goes great on ice cream or pound cake, but also has made a great pork chop glaze or in breakfast sandwiches.

Get a jar of our Carrot Marmalade – a melding of two tastes that make one completely tasty spread – and start eating out of season!

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Our Cranberry Mustard – A Finishing Combo Thu, 02 Jul 2015 19:14:09 +0000 We kind of got this thing about mustard. We make and love each of our mustards with immense care. Our Cranberry Mustard is one of those, we just can’t stop loving it.

It’s cranberries and mustard sitting in a tree, well jar, and getting along swimmingly. It’s not a heavy-handed over-sweet cranberry, but the pairing of real local cranberries that bring a bright acidity and cranberry tartness right up front. The mustard then follows suit and calms the flavor ocean with nice earthy whole grain – giving our Cranberry Mustard a toothsome texture. Spices included are very light, kisses of chili flake match wits the rest of the rack. The Cranberry Mustard is amazing with fruited sausages – complimenting all the notes and lending a bright note to any encased meat would be remiss without. The mustard gives turkey sandwiches the leg up as well as makes the a great baked pork tenderloin. The cranberry acts more like a backdrop, it’s not a light touch more of a broad brushstroke then lifting the mustard into the spotlight. It’s a thing a beauty.

Get your jar of Southport Grocery Cranberry Mustard on our shelves and get a taste for our love of mustard.

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Southport Grocery's Orange Marmalade Wed, 01 Jul 2015 17:36:39 +0000 A standard orange marmalade may live out its life cycle either in the back of your grandmother’s fridge or in a small blister pack at a nearby breakfast franchise. We love citrus and the real flavor of a good marmalade. It’s a standard spread in the UK, where they hold world-renowned marmalade-only competitions. A good marmalade is powerfully citrus forward, easy on the pectin, and just a kiss of bitterness. We tried our fair share of marmalades over the past few years to hone our palates, and always made sure we were doing it right. We make sure we are always making the perfect marmalade. We think we’re doing a great service to the farmers we direct source from. What we make here won’t get lost in the back of the fridge, but chowed down – eaten and spread.

Our Orange Marmalade is everything we like about the best marmalades pulled into one jar – it spreads like any good preserve, has nibble-able strands of orange rind, smooth grapefruity bitterness and bright citrus flourishes that makes English Muffins sing and cookies jeer. Grab a jar for the fridge and one for the cupboard and start eating out of season, available now on our shelves.

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Southport Grocery's Pickled Cherry Bombs Mon, 29 Jun 2015 21:11:01 +0000 In the late summer, when the markets seem to reach a fever pitch, it’s right then that hot peppers make their debut. We love all kinds of local peppers, but have a special place in our hearts for the simple beauty of cherry bomb peppers. They are nicely sweet at first bite and powerful with heat when raw. When pickled though, they even out – creating a soft glow of warmth and the perfect amount of sweetness. Our pickled cherry bombs are great for a punched up boost to tacos, or chopped up and mixed into cream cheese, or taking the picking liquid for bloody mary’s. They come in handy to keep in the cupboard or fridge for those times your eggs need a little oomph or your sandwiches are feeling a bit drab. They are a favorite of staff and sure to be one of yours with one bite.

Get them in your life and start eating out of season, available on our shelves.

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The Story Behind Apricot Preserves Fri, 19 Jun 2015 16:01:09 +0000 We’ve noticed only our ‘winning’ preserves garner most of the limelight, but we do a whole slew of canned goods that deserve a few words written about them just as much as those with special stickers. This, then, is the second of those; a bit about it, its origins, and why it deserves its spot on our production calendar.

Apricots don’t always get the love they deserve. Apricot preserves are usually an imported product and while they may be spectacular, they are much too hard to come by. North American made apricot preserves are usually stuffed full of anti-browning preservatives, or thickeners, or not enough apricot flavor – they just could be so much better. So we made it our place to do so and give the apricot the love they deserve.

Our preservationist, Melanie, has had apricots in her life for a long time. They hold a strong significance to her childhood as well as her journey into the culinary world. It started with her family holidays – her maternal grandmother would give her an otherworldly chocolate covered version and her father’s grandmother would make an Austrian shortbread jam bar, lovingly referred to as “nut bars”. So the positive memories are quite strong with all things apricots. Once Melanie started cooking professionally, her family requested she recreate the nut bars, whose recipe was lost with her great grandmother’s passing. Melanie tried to find apricot butter in a jar, but they were always lacking – she felt then it was up to her to craft a preserve that was up to the level of the cookies in her childhood memories.

Our Apricot Preserves are particularly awesome because they are really orange, full of flavor, and don’t contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives – we let the heat, pH and sugar do the heavy lifting. It has everything to do with freshness of the fruit, getting the most recently picked, processing them quickly and in the most flavor conscious ways possible to make an apricot preserve that tastes like a fresh cut apricot. Not an easy task – but one we think is well worth it. Find out for yourself by getting a jar of our childhood memories, our Apricot Preserves.

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Southport Grocery's Father's Day Gift Guide Wed, 17 Jun 2015 15:33:43 +0000 Dads are pretty cool folks. They were there to tell us to ‘walk it off’, make fart jokes with, and have a tea party when we asked nice enough. He loves tasty food, be it meat, bacon, or a stiff drink. Let’s get dad something delicious this year! So in that spirit, we asked our resident dad to pick a handful of his favorite and break down why he’d want them for Father’s Day.

ramp mustard

Ramp Mustard

“Ramps are pretty great – like an onion and garlic had sweet babies and spread them across this great land of ours. It’s stuffed with a ton in the jar with mustard and made magic once again. It’s got Temperance’s Root Down – a delicious porter – in it too. What’s not to love? I like it on sausages, or sandwiches, or… well really a lot of stuff. Dads will love the Ramp Mustard.”


Spice Heist

Spice Heist is pretty great local company run by the nicest people – plus they make great spices. I’m keen on the BBQ rub because I’m – admittedly – a BBQ novice, so having something to dash on my ribs to make me look & taste pro is all the better.”


Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Gaslight is turn-key amazing coffee. They roast their beans to make it in anything – espresso, drip, aeropress, cold brew, whatever – and it tastes amazing. They are for sure a favorite around here. It’s nice to share with my wife or squander it all on myself when I buy a bag.”


Co-Op Hot Sauce

“Ubiquitous. If your father’s day gift doesn’t include Co-Op hot sauce – and your dad likes spice – you are doing it wrong. Some are quite hotter than others, so check the back with their little flame-o-meter to make sure it fits dad’s level of excitement for the fire.”


Hey Boo Caramel

“Personally, I love caramel. I’m lactose intolerant though, so I have been stuck without it for a very long time. Hey Boo‘s Coconut Caramel is everything I remember and more, it’s got a pinch of salt and is rich as all get out. Heat it up and drizzle on (vegan) ice cream or on pie right out of the oven. It’s a so good. My son loves it too.”


Bittermilk cocktail starters

“I like cocktails and treating myself to a drink, or my better half to one. There is real work required to do it up right usually. Bittermilk did all the heavy lifting for me and bottled it up. Whisky sour, old fashioned, all kinds of easy drinks with simple ratios await.”


Jake’s Giard

“I’m biased, sure. Jake’s Giard. My name is slapped across the front. I love the stuff though, nicely mild with a whole heap of (very important) crunch. It’s the best on pizza – frozen or otherwise – and great when making a spicy pasta salad. Great stuff.”

Sweetwood Jerky-16x9

Sweetwood Jerky

“What dad wouldn’t love fancy beef jerky for Father’s Day? A beer and some Sweetwood jerky. Maybe some quiet too, that’d be ideal.”

Get these all of these from our shelves just in time for Father’s Day. Want them all in a Father’s Day basket? Just let us know, or you can handpick your own gift basket, or let us put together one just for your dad by our basket pros. And to all Dads out there: Happy Father’s Day.

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Southport Grocery's Ramp Mustard Thu, 11 Jun 2015 18:20:18 +0000 In the early days of spring a lot of people are itching to get outside and enjoy the weather, or avoiding the raindrops, but we usually have our eyes to our suppliers and a particularly well-guarded secret patch of forest. It’s those times when most are happy not to don a heavy coat that we go slogging through the woods – for the very first clip of delicious growth: Ramps. We get a lot of these wonderful treasures and love to put them in anything and everything. Preserving them makes their time with us last a lot longer so they find their way into all sorts of goodies. Case in point: our ramp mustard.

It’s a labor of love, a time intensive one, but one of love none the less. It starts with portioning off mustard seeds. The first part is soaked in vinegar and – this year – Temperance Root Down porter for 48 hours. The other part of seeds is ground and hand-mixed with sautéed ramp bottoms then left to rest for 48 hours too. After the rest, ramp tops are sautéed and blended into the mixture and a housemade ramp salt is added to boost the ramp flavor even further. It’s a wonderful dance of onion/garlic of the ramps with a mellow bite of mustard that makes it wonderful on sandwiches, dunking pretzels, or spreading it on pork tenderloin. We can’t get enough and it’s our go-to mustard at home.

Get yours before we eat it all! Our Ramp Mustard is available on our shelves in 8oz or as a part of the mustard three pack (now available online).

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Lark Cookie Mixes Thu, 04 Jun 2015 15:56:03 +0000 Lark Fine Foods has sent us their delicious cookies before, they are buttery, lovely and really quite good. Problem being is we don’t really carry other cookies in the grocery (save for one). They have great packaging too which made it all that much harder to say no, but once they launched the baking mixes and gave us an eye-full we were sold. The same amazing cookies are now able to be made at home, fresh and perfect. They are ideal for a special treat, bringing a treat to a party, or just having around for a post-dinner cookie – because that is a thing. We carry three of Lark’s mixes: Cha-Chas – nicely spiced chocolate cookies, Gingers – which are soft and nibble-able ginger bombs, and their basic shortbread mix which are fantastic and easily built onto.

Get Lark Cookie mixes now right on our shelves and into your tummy, they are the real deal.

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Behind the Jar – Our Red Pepper Jelly Thu, 28 May 2015 17:35:24 +0000 We’ve noticed only our ‘winning’ preserves garner most of the limelight, but we do a whole slew of canned goods that deserve a few words written about them just as much as those with special stickers. This, then, is the first of those; a bit about it, its origins, and why it deserves its spot on our production calendar.

Our Red Pepper Jelly, as it stands now, came to be through tireless work and frustration. To make sense of the story – we must say that we aren’t firm believers in store bought pectin and most of that has to do with our preservationist‘s animosity toward the thickening agent. It was during her time in Tennessee she first tried making a pectin-free pepper jelly, but it never came out right. The problem with many pepper jellies is that they are quite clunky – too much vinegar and sugar, usually much too much pectin and just ‘some’ peppers. Our pepper jelly, in its infancy, was made with the same packaged pectin, but Melaine made it her mission to make it better. Nay, perfect. In 2013, when summer apples were available from Mick Klug Farms at the same time hot peppers – it clicked. The timing could not have been better – the sweet and tart apples provide a balanced acidity, the natural apple pectin allows for an even jelly that isn’t too firm. The structure, acidity, and sweetness then become part of the overall chemistry of the Pepper Jelly and not simply filler.

So that means our Pepper Jelly isn’t just a blob of mildly spicy goo, but a nice spreadable amalgamation of local ingredients with a focus on making an end product that heightens all the best parts of the jelly. It’s a nice dance of sweet, spicy, and acid – it’s a delicate flavor depth that is impossible to ignore. We spread it on our breakfast sandwiches in the café, mixed into vinaigrettes, and used it in just about every meal of the day. Get your jar, eat out of season, and get a taste of what honestly made preserves are like.

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