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We take serious care in the food we make, from the sizzling pancake to the house-smoked brisket to the handmade rolls to our award-winning preserves – all of those components, all of that passion, culminates here; catering done at Southport Grocery and Cafe is catering done right. We know how important food is to any event and always to make the perfect eats for each occasion.

Below, you’ll get a visual show of what to expect as well as a laundry list of delicious choices; find what you like, order up, and we’ll get back to you with all the info you’ll need.

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Salad & Fruit


broccoli salad

with peanuts in a mayo-based sauce with housemade preserved lemon, lemon juice, roasted garlic, and olive oil
serves 12-14; 4 lbs - $34

Butternut Squash Quinoa

quinoa salad (vegan)

seasonal vegetables in quinoa with shallot vinaigrette
serves 12-14; 4 lbs - $40

chicken salad

chicken salad

classic house-roasted chicken salad w/ red grapes & celery plus a side of mixed greens with citrus vinaigrette
serves 12-14; 5lbs - $48


veggie pesto pasta salad

with sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, green & yellow squash, and a pesto-mayo & cream sauce
serves 12-14; 3.5 lbs - $30


chicken mushroom spinach pasta salad

in a mayo-based sauce with cream, salt & pepper
serves 12-14; 3.5 lbs - $30


seasonal salad

an ever changing salad to fit the seasons, please call for ingredient information
small - serves 6-10; 2.5 lbs - $34

large - serves 12-20; 5 lbs - $64


fresh fruit (vegan)

platter with a vanilla vinaigrette
small - serves 6-10; 4 lbs - $26

large - serves 14-18; 6 lbs - $39

chop salad

chop salad

romaine, chicken, bacon, broccoli, local tomatoes, cucumber, roasted veggies, radish, feta & parmesan crisps with herb buttermilk dressing
small - serves 6-10; 2.5 lbs - $34

large - serves 12-20; 5 lbs - $64


greens & veggie salad (vegan)

romaine, cucumber, tomato, roasted beets, arugula, broccoli, radish, shaved carrot & roasted shallot vinaigrette
small - serves 6-10; 2.5 lbs - $28

large - serves 12-20; 5 lbs - $56



hummus platter (vegan)

w/ marinated olives, crudités, & crackers
small - serves 8-12; 3.5 lbs - $34

large - serves 18-24; 7 lbs - $68

antipasto platter

antipasto platter

salami, citrus herb marinated olives & vegetables, assorted cheeses & crackers
small - serves 8-12; 4 lbs - $42

large - serves 18-24; 8 lbs - $84


fruit & cheese platter

assorted cheeses & fresh seasonal fruit w/ crackers
small - serves 12-18; 2.5 lbs - $40

large - serves 18-24; 5 lbs - $80


spinach artichoke dip w/ raw vegetables and crackers

small - serves 8-12; 3.5 lbs - $30

large - serves 18-24; 5 lbs - $60

mini sandwiches

small - serves 12 - 15; 20 ct - $48
large - serves 24 - 30; 40 ct - $95
on whole grain rolls - a mix of:


ham & cheese

with housemade herbed cream cheese


smoked brisket

with housemade giard, spinach & chipotle mayo



with caramelized onion, russian dressing, munster cheese, & arugula


$6.75 each



house-roasted turkey with russian dressing, muenster cheese, caramelized onion & arugula on whole grain



roasted beets, cucumber, tomato, mixed greens, smoked onion marmalade, housemade herb cream cheese & provolone on sienna tuscan bread

chicken salad sandwhich

chicken salad

classic chicken salad w/red grapes and mixed greens on whole grain



ham with mustard, sliced apple, spinach & provolone on tuscan bread


smoked brisket

smoked beef brisket with chipotle cream, spinach, & jake's giard on tuscan bread


vegan sandwich

roasted beets, red onion, cucumber, red onion, smoked onion marmalade, mixed greens & hummus on tuscan bread

from our bakery


our famous cupcakes

$3 each
seasonal - $3.25/ea
gluten-free vanilla cupcakes $3.25/ea -
sprinkles or coloring .25/ea - add on:

Cupcake Catering

mini cupcakes

$2.25 each; our cupcakes only smaller, great for kid’s parties or gifts
seasonal - $2.50/ea
gluten-free vanilla cupcakes - $2.50/ea
sprinkles or coloring .25/ea; add on:

catering quiche


handmade, from the bottom up; served at room temperature in 9” round tin, serves 6


- $18 each
ham, fried shallots & gruyere

bacon, fresh herbs & white cheddar


- $15 each
kale , mushroom & gruyere

tomato, basil & white cheddar


scone, muffin, & bialy platter

mini scones, seasonal muffins, & assorted bialys with preserves and house-made cream cheese
small - serves 6-8; 18ct - $28

large - serves 18-20; 45ct - $70


dessert tray

mini cookies, brownies, vanilla cupcakes & rice krispy blocks, etc
small - serves 12-15; 20ct - $24

large - serves 24-30; 40ct - $48



chocolate chip pretzel $2.95

gluten-free snickerdoodle 2.75

sugar cookie 1.25

vegan chocolate chip pecan 2.95

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

sour cream coffee cake

swirls of cinnamon and tasty walnuts - $20/tray


granola bar

- 2.50/each
peanut butter & white chocolate

fruit & nuts - 2.95/each


rice krispy block

regular: $2.50

chocolate dipped: $3



ice tea

12 servings; $24

bottled water


orange juice


Martinelli apple juice


grapefruit juice


bottled Coke


real ginger ale



including milk and sweetener
12 servings; $30

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