Sofi Awards: The Oscars of the Specialty Food Industry

Sofi Awards: The Oscars of the Specialty Food Industry

The Sofi Awards really are like our Oscars: awards for truly outstanding specialty foods. The best of the best are selected by a panel of culinary experts in a blind taste test with over 3000 entries in a whole variety of categories. Want to try some of the Sofi Award winning products? We have the following winners in our grocery:

Cold Beverage – Drink & Cocktail Mix:

Gold: No.5 Charred Grapefruit Tonic by Bittermilk

Bronze: Tom Collins Cocktail Mixer by Bittermilk


Dessert Sauce:

Bronze: Date Caramel Sauce by Date Lady

Congrats to all our other vendors who won awards for products we don’t currently stock but really want to try! How awesome does Black Sesame Seed Brittle by Neo Cocoa sound? Or Bourbon Barrel aged Hard Cider Goat Milk Caramel by Fat Toad Farm? Yum! Well done to these guys, along with Katherine Anne Confections (yay for local friends winning), Big Picture Farm, La Pavia Beverage, Tate’s Bake Shop, Terlato Kitchen & McClure’s Pickles. They all make fantastic products and we’re so glad they got the recognition they deserve.

View all the winners here!


Banner image by Specialty Food Association

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