Persian Trail Mix will be your new favorite snack

Persian Trail Mix will be your new favorite snack

The founder of Niloofar is half Iranian and grew up surrounded by delicious Persian food. Unable to find Ajil (the Persian version of trail mix) in stores here, she decided to create her own, using her family’s recipe. Cashews, almonds, white mulberries, black and golden raisins, walnuts, dried figs and golden berries come together to make this beautiful trail mix. The nuts and fruit are sourced from all over the world, but they’re mixed and packaged here in Chicago.

The star of the show is the white mulberry, with its great flavor and a multitude of antioxidants and vitamins. You’ll love the flavors of all the different components as well.

Try chopping up the trail mix and adding to a salad for some crunch. Make your own fruit and nut bark by melting chocolate and sprinkling the trail mix on top. Or just enjoy it as a great sweet & salty snack! From now on, we’ll always have a bag of this in our desk drawers. Afternoon snacking just got a serious upgrade!

8oz bag is $10.95

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