Bright & Sunny Lemon Curd from The Lemon Girl

Bright & Sunny Lemon Curd from The Lemon Girl

Lisa, our owner, recently came across Lemon Girl’s products at a Good Food Award’s event and knew right away she wanted to bring them to our grocery shelves. Cheri Robertson, the lemon girl, is a certified pastry chef based in Oakland, California who happens to love working with lemons and is inspired by them daily since she has a giant meyer lemon tree outside her front door.

You can find two of her fantastic products on our shelves:

Organic Meyer Lemon Curd

Organic Meter Lemon Rosemary Curd

Some ideas for using lemon curd: spread on toast, biscuits or pancakes, make a lemon meringue pie, enjoy with yogurt, fill a donut or swirl into a cheesecake. No matter how you end up using it, it’ll bring brightness of flavor and that sunshine color to the dish.

8oz jars are $10.50

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