Smokey Chili Jam – adding some heat this Holiday season

Smokey Chili Jam – adding some heat this Holiday season

We made Smokey Chili Jam for the first time last year and it was so popular that our limited edition first run sold out within weeks. This year, we’ve made a lot more jars so that everyone can enjoy it! It’s a fantastic combination of our pickled cherry bombs and smoked fresno peppers which is nice and sweet but with a smokey spicy kick!

When the first batch was ready, we rushed to make grilled cheese to try it on and sure enough, it was delicious! The combination of crunchy, buttery bread,  gooey melted cheese and sweet but spicy jam was just incredible. Trust us, you’ll want to make a LOT of these at home.

You can use the chili jam for just about anything but we recommend it on grilled cheese & sandwiches, smoked polish sausage or in your favorite sloppy joe recipe. It would also be great on chicken wings or anywhere you might use a hot sauce.





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