Scrumptious Pantry’s Californian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Tasty Dedication

Scrumptious EVOOWine and olive oil have a lot of the same things that make terroir important – they prosper or struggle dependent on the ground they grow, the kind of micro-climate they exist in – their single ingredient structure lends itself to such things. When The Scrumptious Pantry handed over a bottle of the Californian Extra Virgin Olive Oil we couldn’t resist. It’s fruity, almost, from heaps and heaps of organic California Mission olives with a powerful, lasting end – ideal for drizzling a top veggies, fish or our favorite – in vinaigrettes. Under the shadow of the Table Mountain in the volcanic rich soil where wind blows and the sun stays away – it’s the ideal place to grow these tasty olives. Darro and Olivia have their face stuck right to the front of the bottle, so you know your oil is coming from good folk – just like all of The Scrumptious Pantry’s items. Their hard work and dedication shines through in what we think is one the best olive oils made state-side.

Grab a bottle of this great extra virgin olive oil, today, off our shelves. Love Scrumptious Pantry? Tried this hand-picked oil? Leave a comment below!

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